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Iowa Agriculture: A History of Farming, Family and Food

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The Tall Corn State's agricultural history influences countless aspects of modern life. To truly understand Iowa, you have to understand the culture of agriculture--the stories of the people of the land. In many ways, these are untold stories, especially as more generations of families are further removed from living or working on Iowa farms. Visitors from around the globe travel to Iowa annually for major events like the Farm Progress Show, the World Pork Expo and the World Food Prize. Agriculture has shaped Iowa's landscape from the location of towns and the evolution of the world-famous Iowa State Fair to Iowa's beloved culinary traditions like breaded pork tenderloins, sweet corn and more. Join fifth-generation Iowa farmer Darcy Dougherty Maulsby as she details the fascinating history of agriculture in Iowa. 

This one-of-a-kind book is Illustrated with vintage and modern photos from farms and ag leaders across Iowa. Order your signed copy today, and savor a fun, tasty adventure into Iowa history! ($30 price includes the book, tax, shipping and handling) 

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: The History Press (August 27, 2020)


Foreward by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley

Chapter 1: Landscapes That Shape Us
Chapter 2: Iowa’s First Farmers
Chapter 3: Pioneer Settlement and the Making of a Farm State
Chapter 4: Growing Iowa’s Farms and Towns
Chapter 5: Bonanza Farming, Iowa-Style
Chapter 6: Rural Iowa Enters the Twentieth Century
Chapter 7: The Culture of Iowa Agriculture
Chapter 8: Hard Times and Farm Rebels
Chapter 9: Iowa Women Blaze New Trails in Agriculture
Chapter 10: Iowa’s Ag Innovators 
Chapter 11: Livestock Production Thrives in Iowa
Chapter 12: Crop Production and Iowa’s Ever-Changing Weather
Chapter 13: Remembering the 1980s Farm Crisis
Chapter 14: Conserving Iowa’s Natural Resources
Chapter 15: Making the Farm-to-Fork Connection
Chapter 16: The Future of Iowa Agriculture

What others are saying:

“Darcy is one of Iowa’s most engaging and enthusiastic writers,” notes John Busbee with "The Culture Buzz" radio show in Des Moines. “Her book Iowa Agriculture: A History of Farming, Family and Food is a wonderful evolution of Iowa’s agrarian history, delightfully stretching into its prehistorical roots, then quickly bringing us into the 20th and 21st centuries. Darcy’s deft pen and illuminating wit give the reader, whether ‘country kid or city kid,’ a beautiful and captivating overview of Iowa’s farming legacy. She takes us on an informative, captivating journey of Iowa’s farming history, liberally seasoning her dish with delectable facts, images and a beguiling aura that is as irresistible as a fresh-baked apple pie cooling in the farmhouse kitchen window.”