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The Culinary History of Iowa: Sweet Corn, Pork Tenderloins, Maid-Rites and More Pull up a chair to the kitchen table and prepare to enjoy a remarkable journey through 150+ years of Iowa’s food history. Filled with recipes, stories and photos, this unique book showcases Iowa's delectable cuisine, which is quintessentially Midwestern, grounded in a rich farming heritage and spiced with diverse ethnic influences. Classics like fresh sweet corn and breaded pork tenderloins are found on menus and in home kitchens across the state. At the world-famous Iowa State Fair, a dizzying array of food on a stick commands a nationwide cult following. From Maid-Rites to the moveable feast known as RAGBRAI, discover the remarkable stories behind Iowa originals, and savor an array of mouthwatering photos. Find recipes for favorites ranging from classic Iowa ham balls and Steak de Burgo to homemade cinnamon rolls--served with chili, of course! Click here to order your signed copy today, and savor a fun, tasty adventure into Iowa history! 

What others are saying:
“We love this book! When I showed it to my brother, Bob, and my mom, and they also thought it was great. Our employees at Archie’s Waeside are ordering it too, not just because of Archie's, but because a lot of them grew up throughout the state. I put “A Culinary History of Iowa” on my Facebook page and the Archie's Waeside Facebook page, so relatives and customers are very excited. It’s a wonderful, historical book for all of us who love Iowa. This book is also a great gift idea for our children, other relatives, and friends. What a way to relive our memories of our childhood!”  

--Lorrie Luense, LeMars, Iowa (Lorrie’s family owns the James Beard-award-winning steakhouse Archie’s Waeside, a three-generation business that has been a LeMars icon for more than 60 years


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Calhoun County 
Ready to unlock the secret history of Iowa? Calhoun County from Arcadia Publishing offers remarkable glimpses into the past and present. View the history of small-town, rural Iowa through the eyes of those who lived it, from the birth of the railroad and prairie towns to and the growth of some of most productive farms in the world. Intriguing stories abound in Calhoun County, which claims two nationally acclaimed authors as native sons, became the target of a daring bank robbery by Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s, and welcomed Babe Ruth in 1940 (but not on the baseball field). Calhoun County offers a well-researched pictorial journey designed for native Iowans, transplanted Iowans, and those curious about the evolution of small towns and farms in the Midwest. Click here to order your signed copy today and enjoy rare glimpses into past eras that have shaped Midwestern life today.

What others are saying:
“The time is right for this unique book. We’re less than a generation away from some of this history being lost forever, so it’s great to see it preserved through these interesting stories and pictures. “Calhoun County” is a fascinating journey that will keep you turning the pages to see what’s next.” --Duane Murley, broadcaster and host of the KWMT Power Lunch show

“If you want to understand today, you have to study yesterday, noted author Pearl Buck. In Iowa, studying yesterday means discovering the history of our great state’s small towns and farms. Come along on this remarkable journey with Darcy Dougherty Maulsby, who not only knows Iowa agriculture, but is a skilled storyteller who brings history to life." --Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey

“To understand Iowa, you need to understand the legacy of its small towns and rural communities. "Calhoun County" shows these roots run deep and make Iowa what it is today--a special place where people care about their heritage, cherish their small-town spirit, and work together to create a better future." --Kim Reynolds, lieutenant governor of Iowa

“I loved Iowa the minute I came here to play football for the Iowa Hawkeyes. The more I explore this great state, the more I appreciate Iowa’s farms and small towns. The interesting stories and photos in “Calhoun County” reflect the competitive spirit, teamwork and strong sense of community that make rural Iowa such an extraordinary place." --Chuck Long, Iowa Hawkeye football legend, former NFL player, and CEO/executive director of the Iowa Sports Foundation

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