Need a Speaker?

Need an entertaining, informative speaker for your next training session or meeting? Darcy offers a wide range of fun programs, including:

  1. Writing and Marketing Boot Camp. Ready for an extreme writing makeover? In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, Darcy shares top tips on how to communicate more effectively in print and online.

  2. Cherokee County FairShoot! How to Improve Your Photos in 1 Minute. Wish you could take better photos for your social media sites, marketing materials and your family photo albums? Great photographers know you don’t take great photos; you make them. Darcy will offer her top 10, field-tested tips that are guaranteed to make you a better photographer, no matter what kind of camera you have.

  3. Discover the Joy of Imperfection. Ever feel inspired -- yet a bit overwhelmed – when you look at all you want to accomplish? How do you put new ideas into practice to live your best life? Darcy shares tips and lessons learned about the joys of imperfection from her crazy, unforgettable adventures as an Iowa ag writer, avid home cook, part-time farmer and author of the new Iowa history book “Calhoun County.”

  4. Unlock the Secret History of Iowa. Think rural Iowa is just quiet little towns and farms? Think again. Take a virtual tour through Calhoun County and experience the area’s rich history through the eyes of those who lived it, from entrepreneurs, renowned authors and sports stars to gangsters bootleggers and other assorted characters. Whether you’re a native Iowans, transplanted Iowan or just curious about the evolution of small towns and farms in the Midwest, this program offers something for everyone.

  5. Savor Iowa’s Rich Culinary Heritage. Iowa’s delectable cuisine is quintessentially Midwestern, grounded in its rich farming heritage and spiced with diverse ethnic influences. Dig in as author and lifelong Iowan Darcy Dougherty Maulsby serves up Iowa’s tastiest traditions. From the chili-and-cinnamon-rolls phenomenon to Maid-Rites to the moveable feast known as RAGBRAI, discover the remarkable stories behind Iowa classics and savor a smorgasbord of other unique Iowa food traditions with Darcy's fun, interactive program. Relish the tantalizing tidbits you missed in history class!

  6. Wisconsin Dairyland SpeechSetting the Record Straight: How to Speak Up for Your Industry. In today’s fast-paced world of instant communication and social media, people today are drowning in information and starving for knowledge. Darcy offers practical tips on how to cut through the clutter, combat misinformation and help your message resonate with your target audience.

  7. Confessions of an Ag Journalist. Any writer can tell you that some of the most interesting (and sometimes bizarre) stories don’t end up in print. Come along behind the scenes in the day of a life of a writer on the backroads of Iowa, where you have to be prepared for anything. Darcy will also share insider tips she’s learned through her colorful career, including the “ABCs” to better writing.

  8. Get Yourself in a Jam (in a Good Way!) Want to impress family and friends with your culinary skills? Making simple, delicious homemade jam is easy will make you feel like a major league home cook. Jam isn’t just for toast, however! Darcy will show you plenty of ways to use your homemade jam in a variety of goodies, from classic cookies to a fabulous chocolate torte.

* Other cooking classes are available on request. For more information on program lengths, pricing and more, contact Darcy using the link below.

Here’s What Others Are Saying

“Darcy is an engaging and energetic public speaker. Her presentation on Iowa's rich culinary heritage appealed to our audience by addressing Iowa through its food history and cultural influences. Guests walked away with a better understanding of Iowa and the impact of the state's diverse population on the foods we enjoy.” 

--Jennifer Cooley, education & outreach manager, State Historical Museum, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs


“Writing transcends all genres, and Darcy Maulsby brought that to the table at the 8th annual Montezuma All-Writers’ Conference on Sept. 16, 2017, with her presentation on finding and writing good stories. Darcy was engaging, and her presentation was informative. Our attendees walked away with information that will help and inspire them on their writing journeys.”

--J.O. & Debbie Parker, publishers, Our Front Porch Books


“Darcy is an enthusiastic presenter who makes her listeners feel right at home with her. The examples and stories in both her photography tips in her “Shoot! 1 Minute to Better Photos” presentation and “The Culinary History of Iowa evening program” were interesting, easy to follow and successfully drove home her points. She gave us a perfect blend of entertainment and education at the right time in our three-day workshop. We even used one of her recipes (Iowa Ranch Salad) for part of our dinner menu prior to her culinary talk. When asked the next day how they enjoyed Darcy's presentations, our workshop participants erupted into a rousing round of applause and approval.”
- Jean Vaux, co-director, Cedar Falls Christian Writers Workshop


"We had Darcy Maulsby speak on the Culinary History of Iowa and she was fabulous! Everyone enjoyed hearing about the places and foods from around the state that are unique to Iowa. She is super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. Loved having Darcy here. I highly recommend her!"

--Kari Ringelberg, adult program coordinator, Sioux Center Public Library

Darcy Maulsby Iowa author Culinary History of Iowa

“It was our pleasure to have Darcy here to speak about "The Culinary History of Iowa." The audience really enjoyed connecting to the past through their own food stories and the stories Darcy shared. All guests I spoke with had very positive comments and said they had a lot of fun. The audience also found Darcy to be a very engaging presenter, and they liked how her talk allowed them to be part of the program through conversation. For our museum specifically, Darcy's program allowed our guests to think about the tradition and history of some favorite Czech and Slovak treats, and about the role they played in developing Iowa’s culinary identity. Darcy talked about food traditions from other immigrant groups to Iowa, and special “Iowa-only” dishes, both of which built up the shared heritage of our state. Thank you so much, Darcy, for spending your evening with us." 

--Sara Jacobmeyer, former director of programs, National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 


"When the Forgotten Iowa Historical Society decided to host their first-ever event, we knew we needed to have the best possible speakers. Darcy Maulsby certainly met and exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was not only well delivered and fascinating, but audience participation was great with her topic (Iowa's Culinary History). Darcy is more than welcome at any future Forgotten Iowa Historical Society events. If you're looking for a top-notch presentation at your event, I'd highly recommend her." 

-Daniel "Ray" Wetherell, founder, Forgotten Iowa Historical Society 


“Darcy’s dynamic workshop at our cooperative communicator’s conference was a hit with the entire audience. Her communications “boot camp” provided a useful course on effective writing, with social media marketing training and photography tips rounding out the presentation. Attendees left with new abilities and solid reminders that they can immediately put to use. Plus, Darcy’s fun and approachable style is a crowd pleaser. No matter what industry you work in, Darcy’s marketing and communications workshop would be a valuable training experience.”

-Katie Thomson, senior communications specialist, Dairyland Power Cooperative (La Crosse, Wis.)