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Madison County

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Mention Madison County and many people think of the iconic covered bridges that have graced the landscape for more than 140 years. While Hollywood made the bridges famous, there are many more stories to share, thanks to Madison County’s rich history and vibrant culture. These stories include unforgettable people who shaped America—the men and women of the Underground Railroad in Madison County; renowned scientist George Washington Carver; and social reformer Susan B. Anthony, who advocated for women’s voting rights from the county courthouse in 1875. Madison County natives have also made their mark on the world. Marion Morrison, who became the movie star John Wayne, was born in Winterset in 1907. During World War II, Winterset native George Stout protected priceless works of art from being looted and destroyed by the Nazis. A visionary, steadfast spirit continues to thrive in Madison County, where time-honored values of faith, family, and friendship endure. Growing from its strong agricultural heritage, Madison County embodies modern Iowa, where charming small towns, family farms, thriving businesses, and innovative people reflect the best of the Midwest. Explore it all through nearly 200 vintage and modern images and stories of Madison County, an Iowa treasure. 


Series: Images of America
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (March 15, 2021)
1. Building on a Solid Foundation: The Quarry Story 
2. Love of the Land: Farming Takes Root in Madison County  
3. Guiding Freedom Seekers: The Underground Railroad
4. Madison County: Famous Covered Bridges 
5. Winterset: The County Seat
6. St. Charles: Gateway to the Bridges
7. Earlham: Small-Town Roots Run Deep
8. Small-Town Living: At Home in Madison County
9. Famous Faces, Famous Places: Big Dreams Grow from Small Beginnings
10. Growing Opportunities: Madison County Reflects Past, Present, and Future

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