Want to Combat Fake News? Become a Better Researcher

In a world awash in fake news, how do you sort fiction from fact? I asked Pati Daisy, a retired teacher-librarian from my hometown of Lake City, Iowa, to share her expertise. Here’s to keepin’ it real.

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Remembering the African-American Sioux City Ghosts Fast-Pitch Softball Team

For decades, perhaps no team brought more excitement to Iowa farm towns and cities across the country than the Sioux City Ghosts, a legendary African American fast-pitch softball team that got its start nearly 100 years ago.

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George Washington Carver Rose from Slavery to Ag Scientist

A man who was born a slave changed the world with his agricultural innovations, and the seeds for these contributions were planted here in Iowa. When George Washington Carver was a student and faculty member at Iowa State, his research forever change…

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Meet Iowa Farmer James Jordan, Underground Railroad Conductor

Some call them upstanders. Others call them allies.  These courageous people are the ones who stand up to help those being oppressed, even at the risk of their own safety. In frontier Iowa, James Jordan fearlessly helped Freedom Seekers gain safe pas…

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Jordan House West Des Moines Iowa

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Talking “Stilettos in the Cornfield,” Taxes, Trade and More on CNBC

What’s on Iowa farmers’ minds regarding the 2016 presidential election? See how “stilettos in the cornfield” became a hook when Andrew Ross Sorkin interviewed me on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss key issues here in rural Iowa from a farmer’s point of view.

Check out the video here. It all went down on a beautiful fall afternoon on a farm near Linden, Iowa. Proud of Iowa farmers who give a voice to rural America!

Explore more rural Iowa history 

Want to discover more stories and pictures that showcase small-town and rural Iowa’s culture and history? Perhaps you’d like a taste of Iowa’s culture and favorite recipes. Check out my top-selling “Culinary History of Iowa” book from The History Press and “Calhoun County” book from Arcadia Publishing, and order your signed copies today.